Our Products

Aleta Land Coffee exports Grade 1 quality and specialty Yirgacheffee, Sidama, Limu, Guji, Tepi and Djimma coffee every year, its rich and unique taste and flavor to all over the world demands.

Yirgachefe Origin

Internationally known and recognized as Yirgacheffee brnd name. grown coffee and has intense flavor known as flora. Has fine acidity and rich body. Many rosters are attracted to its fine and flavor and are willing to pay a premium price for it.

Sidama Origin

Medium- sized bean, greenish –grayish in color. Due to balanced tastes and good flavor called sweet coffee, has fine acidity and good body. It is always blended for gourmet or specialty coffee.

Limmu Origin

Spicy and winy flavor and attracts many roasters especially Europe and USA, has good acidity and body, washed Limmu is one of Premium coffee, medium sized bean and greenish-bluish in color mostly round in shape.

Djimma origin

Altitude heavy bodied cup with winy after test can e prepared as washed and sun dried Djimma Coffee is an inland city which is very near to Keffa, the place of origin of coffee,. Coffee still grows as part of the natural forest and is harvested from the upper branches of tall trees.

Tepi Origin

Low acidity but better body, there are commercially important which is used for special blend. Tepi are often used in blends. Teppi coffee has a low to medium acidity, well rounded with a smooth aftertaste. With a limited production, those coffees still offer opportunities for those looking for a well-balanced cup, with a distinct wild Ethiopia flavor.